The gym

Leth's Muay Thai Gym is 336 sqm and has 12 Fairtex punching bags. There is a strength area with squat rack, dumbells, ghd and several conditioning machines.

There are changing rooms, with lockers and toilets. We recommend bringing slippers for when you’re off the mat. Please note that there is no shower.

The bar

In the lounge you can enjoy Muay Thai fights nonstop on screen. We have a bar with various (energy) drinks, coffee, tea and water. There is also a variety of energy bars and of course Wanida's homemade banana cake is on the menu. Several times a week Wanida prepares an authentic Thai meal with love for after the training. Keep an eye on our socials and reserve your portion in advance so that you don't miss out!

We ask you to come with plenty of time in advance, so you can start the class in time and to stay within our gym as much as possible.


Leth's Muay Thai Gym is located in ZuidWest at Overschiestraat 188. ZuidWest is a creative hotspot we share with other tenants. There is plenty of parking space for free and we ask you to make use of the bicycle racks in front of the building.